Hi, its Steve Woods, the Hypnotist here with this third video about Hypnosis Myths. In celebration of World Hypnotism Day on the 4th January.

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So todays short video is entitled….. I might get 'stuck' in Hypnosis

The simple answer this is no you cant…… But maybe it needs a bit more than just that?

A good few years ago I was asked if I would do demonstrations at a Mind, Body and Spirit event as they had to stop using the services of a previous Hypnotist. When I asked why they told me it was because he got someone 'stuck' in Hypnosis.

I was fascinated by this and it turned out the particular Hypnotherapist was always worried about his clients getting stuck in Hypnosis and even talked about it to them before he worked with someone. Not his fault, it was how he was trained.

As a result he actually planted the idea in his clients minds and if both parties believe in something then its quite possible to make it a reality. As a client, you expect the therapist to know the best way to look after you.

Belief is really important. I believe that Hypnosis is not fragile. Ive had people in pain who cannot sit still for long so I break up the session for them to move around. I have even worked with clients standing up because thats what worked for them.

Back to getting stuck…… Its not the same as being stuck, but I have had clients who enjoy the Hypnosis experience so much that they dont want to emerge from it. It is a calm and relaxing experience and I am the same when I do my own self Hypnosis, it would be wonderful to stay there for longer but I also know I will feel refreshed and energised and ready to get on with things afterwards.

So no, you cant get stuck, but it is nice to stay there as long as you can before that energising 'wake up'. The term 'wake up' is interesting and implies sleep. I will talk about that tomorrow.

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