Hi, its Steve Woods, the Hypnotist here with this sixth and last video about Hypnosis Myths. In celebration of World Hypnotism Day on the 4th January.

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So todays short video is entitled….. I wont remember anything about the Hypnosis Session.

This topic comes up a lot in conversations and is linked to the thought of controlling someone. My own feeling is that this comes from Stage Hypnosis as they stage hypnotist is trained to finish their show with a 'and you wont remember anything about what you have been doing tonight' as they send people back to their friends in the audience.

The reason for this is that it keeps the show going as they absolutely deny doing any of the things that their friends are now telling them they did, as a result there is much laughter for quite some after the official show has finished. A much greater impact on the audience.

And this temporary loss of the experience is quite real but it does come back within a few hours. Its a great example of the power of Hypnosis but for most of the audience they see the all powerful Hypnotist as being able to erase their memory after controlling them to do what they want.

When I first speak to a potential client I go through awareness and if they have not already asked I will make sure they KNOW they will remember the experience fully. Again, its down to beliefs and I want to make sure they are fully aware of how the experience will be for them before we start.

There will be parts of a hypnotherapy session you dont remember exactly. Just like having any conversation, and as Hypnosis is a quite an automatic change process the mind does not always think its important to remember every detail anyway.

Thats why I also make sure that during my 'wake up' part of the session, there I go again talking about waking up, that I say something along the lines of 'you will remember this experience just as you would remember having any conversation today'

I hope you have enjoyed this quick video about a myth around Hypnosis. This is the last video in the short series. The Podcast will go back to more audio only after this but still the odd video from time to time. Remember to subscribe to the Podcast and YouTube as there will be some free self hypnosis sessions on here in the future.

Thanks for watching.