Hi, its Steve Woods, the Hypnotist here with this fifth video about Hypnosis Myths. In celebration of World Hypnotism Day on the 4th January.

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So todays short video is entitled….. I cant be Hypnotised because my mind is too active.

This is often said to me. And it usually includes 'someone has told me I cant be Hypnotised because my mind is too active' and quite often this goes hand in hand with anxiety as an anxious person will often have a very active and busy mind.

In my own experience I find that people with active minds go into Hypnosis quite quickly and quite deeply with the correct approach. This can sometimes be just a busy 'induction' into the Hypnosis to keep the busy mind. busy and let me speak to the subconscious quite early in the process.

So where does this idea come from? I know some of the training I looked at early on would talk about not bothering with people with a busy mind as they are just too hard work and there are easier clients to work with. I think as well that as we think of relaxation and calm as part of the Hypnosis experience this also does not always seem to match with someone who has that busy mind.

My own belief is that anyone can be hypnotised, some take longer than others and some might need a different approach and that person also has to want to go into Hypnosis as there is nothing to stop someone resisting and refusing to be Hypnotised.

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