Hi, its Steve Woods, the Hypnotist here with this fourth video about Hypnosis Myths. In celebration of World Hypnotism Day on the 4th January.

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So todays short video is entitled….. Hypnosis is sleep.

Hypnosis isnt sleep but its not helped by the fact that we use terms like “wake up” and “wide awake” when bringing someone out of Hypnosis. I have thought about this and have not come up with a different way of saying things, because I do want my clients to feel wide awake and energised at the end of the Hypnosis session.

For me Hypnosis is a high focus and I like to spend time running through this before working with someone. Remember, its all about beliefs and I will spend time explaining they will not be asleep and will be aware of their surroundings.

Of course there are times when people start to nod and drift into light sleep during Hypnosis. For some its the first time they have relaxed in a long time and whilst Hypnosis does not have to be relaxing, its what most people expect and its good for us.

So, if I have someone I am working with and they keep nodding I will bring them out of Hypnosis from time to time, or make the session more interactive where they are providing feedback in some way to me about the changes they are making, or it has been known for me to get someone to move to a less comfortable chair or even do the work standing up.

My own belief is that if someone is just on the edge of sleep their subconscious is still listening and will still get some benefit from what we are doing BUT I actually want them at a level where they can really focus on and feel the changes they are making so certainly not asleep.

And I will always want you to feel energised and wide awake at the end of some Hypnosis with me.

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